Course Description

Our course is based on the unique RSM model - Release, Stabilise, Move. Throughout the course, we'll be teaching you how to release tight muscles around the foot and ankle, stabilise by building up your muscles, and how to move in a more efficient way to reduce your risk of further pain or injury. This course isn't just for people who are experiencing foot pain - the foot can also contribute towards knee pain, hip pain or hamstring pain so if you've tried the usual courses of treatment with no success, try our exercises and see how we can help. 

Consultant physiotherapist Nell Mead

Former Army Major Nell is the only physiotherapist in the world to have completed full training in both the Integrated Systems Model (developed by Diane Lee and LJ Lee in Canada) and the Sarah Key Method (developed by Sarah Key, physiotherapist to the Queen). This training allowed her to develop the Health & Performance Pyramid, which underpins all of the work done at her clinic. Nell has a reputation for being the therapist to see when no-one else can fix you. Her expertise is sought out by patients worldwide, and in 2014 Zesty named her “best physiotherapist in London for serious injuries and rehabilitation”. Her philosophy is very holistic and incorporates the latest research in nutrition, biomechanics and neuroplasticity - and her clinic (previously named Victory Health & Performance) in central London, gives her the opportunity to work with stressed-out and injured patients on a daily basis! Nell's online courses are all based on the methods and techniques she uses in clinic every day. However, please bear in mind that we have not assessed your specific injury - every case is different, and our courses are not a substitute for individual medical advice. You must not rely on the information in our courses as an alternative to medical advice from your doctor or other professional healthcare provider. If you have any specific questions about any medical matter, you should consult your doctor or other professional healthcare provider. You should never delay seeking medical advice, disregard medical advice or discontinue medical treatment because of information in our courses.

Course curriculum

    1. How this course works

    2. What is the RSM?

    1. A foundation for good health

    2. Sleep

    3. Stress

    4. Hydration

    5. Nutrition

    1. The feet and RSM

    1. Release exercises

    2. Plantar fascia release

    3. Calf and plantar fascia stretch

    4. Toe and ankle pivot

    5. Sideways foot roll

    6. Ankle alphabet

    1. Foot worm

    2. Piano feet

    3. Plié Squat

    4. Relevé

    5. Tibialis anterior dissociation

    6. Stabilise exercises

    1. Foot Pain and Foot Drivers 4 - Move

    2. Dressage exercise

    3. Rock walking

    4. Releve to plie

    5. Dynamic lunge

    6. Jump and land

About this course

  • £14.99
  • 30 lessons
  • 1 hour of video content